• Uphill Battles

    Before the Age of Understanding, in the Forest of Seasons, a caterpillar began it’s journey to the very top of the Elder Tree. The caterpillar had not started to take it’s shape quite yet and was in fact sleeping under the biggest leaf the Mother Caterpillar could find, quite comfortable right where it was, and so it was not aware that it was not destined to reach the top. The Currents of Time were supposed to forbid anything from interfering with Destiny, but since the caterpillar was uninformed and the tides were just about beginning to turn, the currents just went with the flow instead, and the conditions became perfect for the creation of Dawn.

    Since Dawn was afraid of the dark, she always traveled with light and stayed with her until morning or until she was needed Elsewhere. She didn’t quite know what that meant, but the Universe made it seem so important she was never late no matter how afraid she was, and so the presence of light still managed to arrive in spirit. There were many tasks that the Universe wanted done and so there were many Dawns, and so many types of lights existed as well, for the braver Dawns needed no real light at all and would arrive even when the world was dark and cold. In this manner, Dawn made it possible to be brave and afraid all at once. The lights of Dawn made it easier for the Age of Understanding to continue, and with understanding came possibilities, and with those came actualities, and what could be so bad about that?

    The signs of the New Age were beginning to form, and the Stone Age did not like that one bit. The Stone Age was sure it enjoyed existing, and knowing that two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time, it was also sure it feared “understanding”. Knowing…things…surely made everything more complicated, which made things more difficult, which made things…well, just more. And sometimes enough was just enough and since words were just words anyway what was there to understand? Then and there the Stone Age decided that no matter what the Universe wanted, he would always look for a Reason to oppose her. “In order to continue existing,” announced the Universe, “you must first select a new username.” “Stubborn,” said the Stone Age, and in recalling that he and the Universe were friends he added, “but you can call me Bernie”.

    When the Elder Tree sensed that the Age of Understanding was beginning to form, it felt around for opposition to take it’s shape as well. From the Beginning of Time it had been well understood that this was simply Nature: Every action has an equal but opposite reaction. Actions and reactions had always known what to expect from each other. For eons they could barely even tell each other apart. Since things always just…were, there really was no point in silly things such as boundaries and limits, and so things never truly mattered. When Dawn met Bernie, however, the Elder Tree feld an emotion that while not alarming did certainly confuse, and so she gave it a color instead. “I am Blue,” she announced, as the Age of Understanding opened her eyes. “I know,” she announced, and the Universe – and everything in her – became Aware.